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Inspires Confidence

Michael put us at ease from our first meeting with his knowledge (I checked on the things he told me) and upbeat personality, inspiring confidence in himself and the process. He guided us faithfully and exactly through the sale of our duplex (long story, but we bought it for our children and then had to support them fully for almost three years) during a very depressed market. We not only received what I believe to be premium market value (at the time but still a huge personal loss) but set the area rent and price level! Michael was that accurate in his evaluation of the market and our duplex.

Michael also steered us through the difficult road of a short-sale of our condo, our primary residence. Though not our first choice, circumstances forced us to ask for a short-sale, which was approved after what seemed like millions of pages of paperwork and thousands of signatures. Michael and his team walked us through the barrage of email, phone calls, overnight mail and faxes to a successful completion of the sale of the condo. Thank you, Michael! Couldn't have done it without you!

Homeowner in San Diego, CA

Highly likely to recommend